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Golf course developers order their trees to be grown by Shady Tree Farms when golf course planning begins. When the new course is ready for landscape, the trees are large, mature and healthy.

Known as Contract-Grow, this is an effective and cost-efficient way for any large project where 2-3 years of growth time is available before landscaping is required. The cost for Contract grown trees is typically 40% less than selecting mature trees from inventory.

Shady Tree Farms can also install our trees at your site at a typical savings for 20%. Golf Course tree installation offers:

  • Specimen tree installation (24" to 156" box)
  • Project and subcontract management
  • Reforestation
  • Accurate and dependable estimating and preconstruction services
  • Outstanding craftsmanship




One of a kind projects call for unique trees and plant materials. Companies such as Wynn Resorts require plant materials that meet stringent size and shape criteria.

Shady Tree Farms works with you to find the plant materials that enhance your project or, when time allows, we'll grow it to your specifications. Shady Tree Farms can also install our trees at your site at a typical savings of 20%.


16' Estate Olive Tree at a California residence

Our Shady Tree Farms crews are trained to move specimens of nearly every size by hand or with the use of tree spade cranes.

Our tree spade services provide you with options to economicaly relocate plant materials on site as well as to install large trees. We have an assortment of tree spades that allow us to dig trees with root balls ranging from 24" to 90".

Please call to discuss your project and our staff will work with you to design the most effective and efficient digging and installation methods to protect the health of your tree.

Tree spade digging.